Seadar Shop Textiles

​Meet Ginni Seehagel, the Canadian artist and textile designer behind Seadar Shop Textiles.

SEA (the sea) DAR (the old and wise cedar forests of the west) SHOP (where personal meets functional and accessible).

Textiles and home décor are the primary products that Ginni creates, along with a functional series of items for home and life. She is greatly inspired by lollygagging around outdoors, as each of her designs have a specific reference to something she has either experienced in a landscape or in an imaginary microscope under her feet. Environmental resourcefulness and ethical production are very important in the creation process, as any dye that she uses is made from plants and even from food waste, and the fibres and fabrics that she uses are always natural.

"Creating something from nothing is both exhilarating and empowering. Raising an idea into a reality is such a personalized and rewarding experience, and then connecting over that idea with others just really ties the knot for me.”
Photo: Mike Seehagel

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