About Crafted

Buying local and buying handmade keep economies vibrant – and provides more variety than you ever thought possible! Crafted means making it easy for you to explore what local makers can do.

Goods made here in Alberta offer responsible choices – and the crafters concentrated in the Calgary area share a whole world of quality, thoughtfulness, whimsy, and skill through their many different art forms and aesthetics. Crafted is all about bringing them together through collaborations, classes, and retail opportunities – and supporting the growth of the self-sustaining makers' community in our area.

Alberta- and Canadian-made products from Crafted can be found at our space at the Calgary Farmers' Market. Classes and opportunities for artisans to meet and collaborate are also part of the Crafted ideal – helping to make a hub for vibrant working and living!

About Pam Morales (founder of Crafted)

Pam Morales believes in the beauty of handmade – and the importance of local business. In 2014, she saw an opportunity to bring them together in a way that would create and support a network of artists. Both a collector and a creator of the handmade, with a background in fields as varied as mechanical engineering, graphic design, and television production, Pam had the diverse skill set she'd need to make that dream a reality in her community.

A self-taught crochet artist whose line of handcrafted dolls and creatures, Bubblegum Belles, launched in 2011, Pam contacted other local artisans to help her create a charming new spin on the concept of the food truck: a retail truck (Calgary's first) which she called Crafted, allowing shopping, crafting, and learning to get on the road.

Since then, Crafted has acquired two permanent locations and a rich calendar of classes and events which Pam continues to organize.​ Besides Crafted's flagship shop at the Calgary Farmers' Market, Crafted also co-owns Greater Goods which is located in Bridgeland.​​

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